international freezer appreciation day: aug 7/09

Aug 12/09

Documentation of moving Rachel Wiegers’ deep freeze, including her description of why freezers matter so much to Yukoners even though they live in a massive freezer for several months each year, is now posted as the final installment of IFAD.

Aug 8/09

Wednesday August 12 (laptop is currently down) Monday Aug 10 will be the last day for posting affectionate texts/images about freezers in all their glory. I typically publish posts Mon/Wed/Fri, and will return to regular “ice-centric” writing by Wed Friday.

Specifically, last night The Ice Cubicle was able to document a truly Yukon moment: Rachel Wiegers moving a deep freeze from one home to another … in her fur-lined high heels. Hometown proud, she also gave a great description of the importance of freezers for Yukoners in the winter. The glam and the practical mix with ease up here.

rachie heels freezer2

Aug 7/09

It’s here at last!

Happy International Freezer Appreciation Day!!

I’ve grouped the stories, thoughts and photos that people sent for today’s celebration into four categories, published as four separate posts for ease of navigation.

Enjoy the browse and I wish everyone a sweet spell of perfectly chilled, refreshing coolness as you head into your weekends.

International Freezer Appreciation Day (IFAD) #1: the freezer literatures
IFAD #2: multipurposed freezers
IFAD #3: unusual freezer inhabitants
IFAD #4: straightup freezer appreciation

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!

Aug 6/09:

More stories for tomorrow: A UK freezer migrates to Italy, and an old freezer in Pennsylvania becomes a friend of horses. International Freezer Appreciation Day dawns tomorrow and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Here’s a taste of what happens when freezers are no longer wanted in Dawson City:

last in a row of abandoned freezers & fridges at the Quigley Dump

the last row of abandoned freezers & fridges at the Quigley Dump is punctuated with emphatic pop colour

Aug 3/09:


  • freezer pics from France and Dawson City
  • personal anecdote re freezing sheets in a Croatian heat wave
  • fiction submission from Pasha Malla confirmed as underway.
  • Dawson freezer-moving scenario scheduled for filming tomorrow.

Excited to see what else appears in the inbox today!

Aug 1/09: call for submissions for International Freezer Appreciation Day

intl freezer appreciation day-max

Your photos, stories and art about freezers. International Freezer Appreciation Day is a newly-invented holiday that celebrates the technology that brings us cool refreshment in the summer and suspended tastes of summer in the winter – not to mention the delicious tastes of unspoiled food brought to us by refrigerated trucks all year round.

Friday August 7: International Freezer Appreciation Day, on the internet, at, submissions by noon Thursday Aug 6, and around the world.

Cooks love them. Ice cream fans, cocktail aficianados, even hospitals and genetic research labs love and need them. Freezers have changed our lives in hundreds of ways since William Cullen first explored artificial refrigeration processes in Glasgow in 1748, and it’s time to celebrate!

What does your freezer bring into your life that you’re grateful for? Or maybe there’s a “public access” freezer that you’d like to celebrate. (I’m thinking of the frozen seafood section at the Bonanza Market here in Dawson, for example, and the ice machines providing cool cubes for Bombay Peggy’s, The Pit, and the Triple J Hotel, to name three favorite local sources for gin and tonic o’clock.)

The Ice Cubicle will celebrate the inauguration of International Freezer Appreciation Day by posting your photos, stories and art about freezers online all day long, Friday August 7, 2009.

The Ice Cubicle has promises for several exciting freezerific contributions including:

– short fiction by the talented and witty Toronto writer Pasha Malla
– a tale about cooling off frozen sheets from a friend in France
– a brief Dawson video in which another friend moves a freezer to her house and raves about the difference it will make in her winter (imagine not having to go outside in minus 30 to shop, because you have weeks of dinners waiting calmly in your deep freeze!)
– there’s even a rumour that someone might light fireworks inside a freezer to celebrate International Freezer Appreciation Day … will keep you posted

You can be brief, you can ramble on, you can contribute a simple 10-second snap-and-send photo from your kitchen: whatever your fancy, we’d love to hear from you.

Please send your images, stories, sound pieces, or whatever else you’re inspired to create, by noon on Thurs Aug 6 at the latest, to Also please include a note saying where the freezer is located, plus a photo/author/creator credit.

Last but not least: help The Ice Cubicle take a little bite out of climate change. Recognizing that the history of freezing technology has included generations of toxic machinery, from the early use of ammonia through to freon, The Ice Cubicle will donate $50 to Offsetters ( in the name of the 50th person who sends a submission, or in the name of someone you’d like to donate on behalf of.


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